Urgent! Justice For Nikos!

The Greek TUC, the GSEE, has asked unions (including the TUC in Britain)  to encourage protests about the prosecution of a group of Greek trade unionists including GENOP-DEH General Secretary Nikos Photopoulos who took direct action against a key and particularly noxious element of the Greek Government’s austerity package. You can read more about the case in the GSEE statement posted on the TUC website and in the TUC briefing on the issue, which includes details of where to send protests and solidarity messages.

 The trade unionists are due back in court on Tuesday 10th January, so any urgent action you can take would be welcome:

  • Send an official message from your union. The TUC message is in the briefing mentioned above.
  • Post an item on your website, and circulate it through email lists you have and on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc.
  • Get activists and union members to send their own messages direct.


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