100,000 strong : Workers Of America Unite: Pro-Union Rallies Across The USA

As 100,000 workers, and supporters headed to the Wisconsin State Capitol of Madison to protest against the right wing Govenors proposal to ban collective bargaining for most of the state’s public employees, rallies in support of Wisconsin unions are now being organised across the USA, galvanising trade unionists and winning support from workers who can see the big business and billionaires trying to bust trade unions using the excuse of the the economic crisis to make workers pay for the antics of Wall Street and the banks. Pro-union demonstrations have been held in Boston, Indianapolis, Denver, Columbus, and Washington D.C. The protestors have won the support of unions worldwide.

Comment, video’s and photo’s appear on this site.

Here is an excellent site featuring 32 great photo’s of protests from across the USA.

United Steelworkers officials join 100K demo in Madision

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