Stop the ConDem’s Blood Money


Unite have launched new campaign to oppose the ConDem’s plans to let big business profit from blood donations.

As Unite’s Jennie Bremnar  says: “It’s almost unbelievable – almost. Up and down the country, thousands of men and woman give blood each week. They don’t do it for selfish reasons. They do it for friends, neighbours – and for people they will never know. By giving blood they do something amazing and save countless lives.

“Anyone who has either needed blood, or has a loved one who has, will know that feeling of gratitude.

“But this Government doesn’t care about that selflessness – that’s why they’re planning to literally privatise your blood. By letting big business marketise blood donations, the Tories will shatter the virtuous link between donors and recipients.

“We can’t allow this to happen – we need to rally around a simple but profound message: Our blood is not for sale.

Sign the Unite national petition and demand that David Cameron steps in and stops this dangerous plan by clicking on the link below.


The chances are that if you haven’t benefitted from someone else’s amazing generosity, someone you know and love has. Often, we owe our loved ones’ very survival to a blood donation from a complete stranger.

Blood donors give blood so that doctors and surgeons are able to save lives. They don’t give blood so that private corporations can make a profit.

We are talking about life and death, about an incredible selfless act. Money and profit margins have no place in this transaction.

This is a step too far. We cannot allow this to happen.

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