Southampton City Council workers need your help

4,300 workers have been told they will be sacked on July 11th unless they take a pay cut and sign inferior contracts. Council leader, Royston Smith, has refused to negotiate with the unions, Unite and Unison, and has instead tried to impose cuts on workers.

The unions proposed wage freezes in return for security for jobs and services – but Royston Smith rejected these out of hand. This forced the workers into taking industrial action.

All they want is a fairer way forward – they now need your support.

It is essential that they win their dispute. If the Tory leadership at Southampton gets away with imposing pay cuts without negotiating then other councils, and indeed private sector employers, will follow suit.

Southampton workers are taking a stand but they urgently need your support: Click here for more information

Please help by making a donation to the strike fund.

Your contributions, however small, can help:

*TGWU 2/8 Strike Fund, Unity Trust Bank, Ac No: 20185358, Sort Code: 08-60-01

*NB: this is a Unite fund. A long-standing TGWU account is being used to ensure there is no delay in supporting the workers.

Demo on Saturday in Winchester

Southampton Strikes Set To Continue

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One Response to Southampton City Council workers need your help

  1. Sandra Connell says:

    We had some council workers this week, nice family guys, hard working, very pleasant, didn’t mention the strike or any troubles to us. All had different jobs to do in our home, and all of them including the supervisors, never mentioned the strike, worked very hard, were pleasant and did their jobs extremely well and we were so pleased to have them work in our home, as Council tenants, they were great and solved our problems with the house. All great guys and a pleasure to have them working in our home. Considerate and very hard working.

    We all work hard, and expect a decent wage for a decent day’s wage and they should have it. How would you feel if your employer decided to devalue you? Would you still feel like giving your best? These men have, and without griping about their situation. They were great and we are grateful for having them come and fix our problems and they were so polite and professional. Very satisfied Council tenants of Lordshill, Southampton.

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