Shrewsbury 24 Backbench Debate

logo_full22Campaigners for the Shrewsbury 24 will urge the government to release papers which have been suppressed for almost 40 years.

WHERE: House of Commons, Westminster, London

WHEN: Thursday 23rd January, from 11:15

Dave Anderson, MP for Blaydon, has secured a backbench debate for the Shrewsbury 24 campaign on Thursday 23th January over the government’s continued refusal to release papers related to the 1972 building workers strike.

 In 1973 Ricky Tomlinson, Des Warren and John McKinsie Jones were sent to prison on conspiracy charges arising from the strike. 21 other building workers were also tried at Shrewsbury Crown Court. They became known as the Shrewsbury 24.

 The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign believes that the charges were politically motivated and that there was government interference in the prosecutions. It is calling for the release of all the government papers relating to the trials. The government is continuing to refuse to release these documents under the Freedom of Information Act claiming “national security” as the reason.

 The debate will be on the following motion which will then be followed by a vote: ‘That this House is seriously concerned at the decision of the government to refuse to release papers related to the building dispute in 1972 and subsequent prosecutions, and calls on them to reverse their position as a matter of urgency.’

Visit the Shrewsbury 24 website for more information by clicking here or on the graphic.


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