Keep Trump’s Hands Off Latin America

► Standing up to Trump and May’s interventions in – and hypocrisy on – Latin America ►

1. Help us get to 4,000 signatories our petition against Trump’s ‘regime change’ agenda.
We are within touching distance of getting 4000 people to sign up against Trump’s interventions in Venezuela. Help us reach this target by signing here, sharing on Facebook here and retweeting here.

2. Solidarity with Bolivia – next in Trump’s firing line?
As a number of speakers said at the recent Latin America event, there is growing concern amongst the region’s Left that the progressive government of Evo Morales in Bolivia may be the next target for US ‘regime change.’
You can find out more at this event on April 30 with Dan Carden MP, Bolivian trade unionist Manuel Bueno and others (on Facebook here) and show solidarity by signing this statement here plus sharing on Facebook here and Twitter here.

3. EVENT: Brazil- Stand with the Resistance Against Far-Right Bolsonaro, March 28, 18.30, Hamilton House, WC1H.
With an eyewitness report back from Julia Felmanas of the Brazilian Workers’ Party, who recently returned from the country, CND’s Kate Hudson and Danielle Rowley MP. You can share on Facebook here and get tickets here.

4. Say no to Trump and May’s hypocrisy on Honduras – sign the petition against spyware sales!
It is nearly ten years since the right-wing coup in Honduras (an issue we led the campaign about at the time) and people there are still suffering from both vicious neo-liberalism and severe repression of progressive movements.
Whilst the Trump and May governments are keen to intervene in Venezuela, they continue to prop up this reactionary regime in Honduras, including in Britain’s case through spyware sales. You can sign a petition here, share on Facebook here and Tweet here.

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