Archived news items – Tony Burke

Morning Star
Coalition told to get its act together

We Lit The Flame And Showed The Way
US Steelworkers vow to defeat lockout
Industry has changed massively since the 90′s
Talkin’ ’bout the carwash
CSEU stands up for union rights
Unite calls for investment bank for manufacturing
Trade unions regroup to face new challenge
US workers get British solidarity
US workers battle is crucial
Another Year Over
Strike Victory At Visy In Australia
Support for Los Mineros
Bosses Hypocrisy In Strike Lockout
Firing For Facebook Message Illegal
TUC Delegates Hail 10 Point Plan
Half A Million German Workers Get Early Pay Rise
Talks fail to end Uranium plant lock-out
Honeywell factory explosion

We Won’t Pay For Their Crisis
Attacks on unions continue after general strike
New Report Slams Union Busting By Euro Firms In USA
Trade Unionists In the Cross Hairs Of Global Capital
Great Advert For Workers Unity
Mexican Standoff: A State Assault On Unions
Great Advert For Workers Unity
People’s lives were just bulldozed through’ News International dispute

25th Anniversary of the Wapping
Packed Meeting Takes On Murdoch
Unions and veterans commemorate breaking of union
Unions remember Wapping
250 meet to discuss post “hackgate” in London

Manufacturing, Employment Rights, Skills
GM Decision To Build The Astra in The UK

UK Austerity and the EU

Rio Tinto – Off The Podium
2012 Manufacturing Summit
Filton Airfield Protest
Battle Of Saltley Gates
UK Car Production Figures
Apprenticships Report Welcomed
Unite Calls For Economic Intervention Policy
UK Union criticises Government Youth employment plan
Sir Alex backs Apprenticeships
Call for sustained industrial action
Wyndham Impact Picket Line
Print Week – Wyndham Impact Picket
Confusion surround Agency Workers Directive
Unite criticises HSE Draft Manufacturing Strategy

HP’s swoop for Autonomy reignites row over foreign ownership of UK firms
Shock setbacks show Coalition economic policies are not working
Osborne’s ‘march of the maker’ are beating a retreat
‘Alarm bells on economic gloom should be heard in Cameron’s Tuscan holiday retreat’, says Unite
Free manufacturing from the Mad Scientist’s Lab
Unite and Prospect give full backing to new Cogent ATA
Energy intensive companies must be found a place in the UK’s green economy
One in ten factories witness workplace bullying
PMI Exposes Manufacturing Strategy
Nissan’s decision to build the Qashqai in Sunderland is good news for UK manufacturing, says Unite
Cuts to the Arts
Unions fight back for secure jobs – IMF magazine
Unions fight back for secure jobs – pdf file
Nokia to cut 700 UK Jobs
New EU training agreement in chemicals and process sectors
Employment Tribunal Myths
Cable’s  attack on training is anti-growth
Government announcement on skills shortages today is ‘yet another knee jerk reaction’ says Unite
Burke calls for government funding to boost manufacturing apprenticeships
Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of manufacturing
Manufacturing unites the future of apprenticeships
Unite hits out at changes to employment rights

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