Teamsters & BMW reach deal to extend contract

We have received good news from the IBT on their dispute with BMW in Ontario, California.

At the meeting on Wednesday August 10th between Teamster Local 495 leadership and BMW management an agreement was reached to extend the current contract for six months. During this period, BMW management committed to work with Local 495 to reach a mutually acceptable solution that addresses long term employment for the current BMW workforce in Ontario California.

Agreement was reached to suspend additional campaign activities directed at BMW consumers and its supply chain pending progress towards a solution over the next months, however the will continue to post updates and we will be forthright in continuing communication and negotiations updates with other BMW unions.

IBT President Jim Hoffa, Local 495 Secretary-Treasurer Bob Lennox and the IBT members at BMW in Ontario California have expressed their appreciation of the solidarity shown over the last weeks.

The Teamsters say they would not have achieved this interim agreement without the solidarity shown by European unions including Unite. The IBT are hopeful that this  extension signals a new path for BMW and the Teamsters. But have requested your continued vigilance as they work towards a long-term resolution.

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