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greece-bgSolidarity with the Greek workers! 
Solidarity with the workers in the Skaramanga shipyards! 
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Greek citizens continue to struggle with the dramatic effects of over 6 years of neo-liberal austerity policies. Jobs have been destroyed, budgets slashed and social systems dismantled. Nearly 1.4 million people (27.4%) are out of work, youth unemployment stands at 54.6 %, and hundreds of thousands of Greek workers and citizens have crossed the poverty line following the cuts in wages, social benefits and pensions, as well as tax hikes, that are part of the structural adjustment programme.

Workers have no choice but to unite and protest against the injustices of this recession/austerity vicious circle and continue to do so for as long as it takes to persuade those in power to change course.

The Greek trade unions are battling to retain industrial employment, but instead of supporting them, the Greek authorities have attacked trade union and workers’ rights and criminalized their leaders.

Twelve trade unionists, including the President of the Greek metalworkers’ union POEM, are currently faced with legal proceedings because of false allegations linked to a fair and justified demonstration in 2012.

They appeared in court on 1st October 2013 when over 150 trade union leaders and members of industriAll Europe affiliates from all over Europe came to Athens to show their support. Judgment in the case has been postponed to a second hearing on 5th May 2014.


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