Pensioners arrested in campaign to defend free rail travel

Please watch the above video to two retired Unite Community members being violently arrested for participating in a peaceful action as part of a campaign to stop cuts to free rail travel for disabled people and pensioners.

Two other pensioners were knocked to the ground, and another pensioner and a blind disabled wheelchair user were hospitalised. It was a totally unacceptable use of force by the transport police on peaceful protesters.

There will be a demonstration outside Sheffield Crown Court on Monday 7th July at 9.15am to support Unite community members, George Arthur and Tony Nuttall who will be in court following their arrests.

A local journalist from the Sheffield Star had his camera taken by the police, erased and he was threatened with anti-Terrorism laws.

The campaign started in February after the South Yorkshire Transport Authority voted, without any consultation, to scrap free train travel for all disabled people and pensioners affecting 268,000 travel pass holders. OAPs and disabled led a campaign of direct action and organised Freedom Rides where organised groups travelled on trains refusing to pay.

These actions were good natured, peaceful and the campaign received a partial success when the authorities reinstated free train travel for disabled and half-price travel for pensioners.

The protesters, however, decided to continue with the campaign to try and win back free travel for pensioners as well.

Please email messages of support by clicking here.

Donations welcome : Cheques made payable to: Barnsley Retired Action Group c/o 7 Church St, Jump, Barnsley, S74 OHZ.

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