Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign is seeking truth and justice for all miners victimised by the police at the Orgreave Coking Plant, South Yorkshire, on June 18th, 1984.

Orgreave is part of the pattern of cover ups and lies by the police from many different forces, which are now being exposed.

We call for a full public inquiry, to take place as soon as possible, into the policing and subsequent statements recorded by the police at the time .

We ask that everyone who seeks the truth and wants justice to support us in our campaign.

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4 Responses to Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

  1. william young says:

    I was at orgreave on that fatefull day. the polis came up over a wee bridge past the row of houses on our left. the folk from the houses were leaving cups ,glasses ,jars out on their fences for us with water. it was a scorching day, and we had to retreat enmasse as the “cavalry” came towards us. some of my mates ran through a garden,leaning over a fence ,which collapsed. they dropped about 5 feet down, into a stubbled corn field only to be met by 2 policemen with dogs, on great long leads. I moved up to a road with 5 of our boys, and 2 of them went into a glass bus shelter.A mounted polis man circled the shelter and smashed every window as my mates were in it.he then chased 3 of us,and we ran in behind some large hawthorn bushes/trees. we thought we were safe but he forced his horse into the trees which bordered a fenced industrial yard. the 3 three of us ripped the bottom of the fence up with our bare hands, enough to squeeze through into the yard before the horse was upon us! I am now 59 years old,but will never forget that day. we travelled from the Niddrie/Newcraighall area in East Edinburgh.we were all miners on our bus.

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  3. john bailey [bill ] says:

    i was sacked and inprisoned during 85/85 ….i was at orgreve that day along with about a dozen other strikers from hucknall colliery in nottinghamshire .looking back now we where drawn into a well planed that time nottinhamshire was a police state you could nether get in or out as the police blocked every road into notts pits..but that day we where waved though to the coking we know now they lay in wait …most of the pickets where dressted in tshirts and trainers ,while the coppers had full riot gear .including sheilds and long batons…..we also saw what now looked like swot team vans we can only guess what was in them

  4. Bruce wilson says:

    As a striking miner, from silverwood colliery, which was only a few miles from orgreave, we used to picket notts in the morning and fall back to orgreave,all through May and upto and including “the big day” what I witnessed at orgreave in all this time beggars belief.i saw many,many atrocities,the police had pockets full of tie wraps, {cable ties”}they didnt bother with handcuffs,arrests were en masse, it was attrition towards the miners, and nothing else

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