Nordic Transport Unions Blockade Tesla in Sweden Dispute

Following the decision by the Danish transport workers union 3F to take secondary action and cease transporting Tesla vehicles into Denmark’s lucrative e-vehicle market in support of the Swedish IF Metall Tesla mechanics strike, Norwegian and Finnish transport unions are also expected  to follow suit and give notice of a refusal to transport or move Tesla vehicles.

“You could say it’s underway. Tomorrow maybe, it’s in the near future anyway, says a source within the Nordic trade unions.” Action is being co-ordinated by the the Nordic Transport Federation (NTF) consisting of 340,000 members across 40 unions.

The strike by Tesla mechanics – members of the IF Metall Union are on strike following a decision by Elon Musk CEO of Tesla not allow its Swedish management to sign a union recognition and collective bargaining agreement or engage in talks with the union and the Swedish mediation service.

The dispute has now entering its sixth week.

Denmark’s largest trade union 3F says if Tesla’s Swedish subsidiary TM Sweden does not sign a collective agreement with IF Metall, the Danish union says it will stop all transport within Denmark of new Tesla cars to the Swedish market, both via ports and trucks.

PensionDanmark, one of Denmark’s largest pension funds, which manages pensions for 823,000 Danes, has announced it had decided to sell its holdings in Tesla over their refusal to enter into agreements with IF Metall.

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