Bombardier latest: U-Turn by Derby MP Heather Wheeler

Heather Wheeler smears Bombardier on BBC Radio Derby (mp3)

Despite there being 1,400 working familes livelihoods on the line, Derby MP Heather Wheeler has not only performed a ‘flip flop’ on saving Bombardier jobs – she has performed a full-on handbrake, tyre screeching, rubber burning U-Turn in an interview with BBC Radio Derby.

She told the station today (Monday) that Bombardier’s bid was ‘ten times’ more expensive than Siemens offer for the £1.4 billion Thameslink contract.

How would she know? Bombardier is still a reserve bidder, the difference between bids has not been released — even to Bombardier management and workers. Wheeler (who is currently on holiday) has, according to the political blog Political Scrapbook “either broken commercial confidentiality or is speaking complete rubbish.” We shall see!

Speaking to the BBC, Wheeler said: “Surely to goodness people can see through that if there is a price X and a price Y and the price Y is 10 times the price of X then the government for the taxpayers have to go for the value for money price … Bombadier needs to sort out why their price was so way out compared to Siemens”. She went on to say she didn’t know why workers were still campaining”

Some change! On July 28th she wrote to David Cameron urging him: “I strongly urge you to investigate this issue, rethink the government’s position, put matters right by excluding Siemens and awarding the contract to Bombardier”. See here!

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LATEST NEWS: MP see’s the error of her ways!

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