Cuba Solidarity Campaign statement on the current situation in Cuba

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign calls on the US government to suspend the blockade of Cuba to allow emergency medical and humanitarian aid into the country in order to ease the economic and health crisis the island is experiencing.

The current emergency is a result of the ongoing US blockade, an additional 243 sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cuba has shown incredible resilience in the face of six decades of economic warfare by the US government in the form of a blockade intended to strangle the economy and create hunger and hardship in an attempt to destabilise the country.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign opposes any calls for foreign intervention coming from those in the US who seek to exploit the current difficulties and provoke unrest. The solution to the challenges Cuba faces must be resolved by the people of Cuba and we support the efforts that the Cuban people and their government are making to fight the pandemic in the face of ongoing sanctions and provocations from the US.

On Sunday 11 July, some street protests took place against the scarcity of food, medicines and power supplies. The vast majority of these protesters have genuine concerns regarding these shortages. President Miguel Díaz-Canel travelled to San Antonio de los Baños, site of the original demonstration, and spoke to people about their grievances.

Some groups are seeking to exploit and provoke this difficult situation. They called for people to protest in other locations, resulting in protests in some towns and cities. In response, thousands of Cubans supporting the government have taken to the streets across the island in counter-demonstrations against US interference.

Now right-wing, pro-blockade, and regime-change politicians and groups in the US are also seeking to manipulate the situation. They have called for a so-called “humanitarian corridor” (a pretext for US intervention) to be set up. Anyone genuinely interested in helping the Cuban people at this time should instead be calling for the US government to ease the crippling sanctions.

The calls for US aid delivered through a US-imposed “humanitarian corridor” are disingenuous and fraudulent. These are the same people who hypocritically call for humanitarian intervention while supporting blockade policies which have caused shortages of food, fuel and medicines.
CSC condemns those in the US and internationally who are cynically using the situation to destabilise Cuba, and supports Cuba’s right to self-determination.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign appeals to the Biden administration to observe the recent United Nations General Assembly vote on 23 June 2021 which voted 184-2 for an end to the blockade of Cuba. It is immoral and dangerous to seek to exploit the current struggles of the Cuban people to serve the political objectives of a few hardliners in Miami.

Genuine efforts to support the Cuban people are welcome. Individuals and organisations can directly help by becoming members of CSC. Donations can also be made to CSC’s COVID-19 Medical Appeal here:

COVID-19 Medical Appeal for Cuba

Background information
In recent days Cuba has experienced its worst increase in COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with a severe outbreak in the Matanzas which has stretched capacity in hospitals and isolation centres to the limit. Five hundred medics from other parts of the country have been deployed in the province to help. It is important to note that while the situation is severe, the numbers of cases and deaths are far below those in most other countries of the region including the United States itself which as of 10 July had a death rate of 1,870 per million compared to Cuba’s 139 per million.

At the same time Cuba is in the midst of its most severe economic crisis for more thirty years. The sixty year-old US blockade was tightened by the Trump administration by imposing 243 extra sanctions – all of which remain in place. These measures had already resulted in grave food, medical and fuel shortages before the pandemic struck. In addition, increasing numbers of banks are refusing to transfer funds to Cuba for fear of US fines, and it is now almost impossible for Cubans living abroad to transfer money to family on the island. With the onset of COVID-19, Cuba has also lost vital income from international tourism, which was down 94 per cent in the first four months of 2021.

Fuel shortages are causing many power cuts, which in the height of summer mean that air conditioning and fridges don’t work. There are long queues for food, medicines and basic goods. Without doubt the Cuban people are experiencing incredible hardship. People with friends or family in Cuba will have heard how difficult things are.

Last year the US blockade even prevented delivery of a consignment of COVID-19 medical aid for Cuba, including PPE, ventilators and testing equipment. Despite having two home-grown vaccines, Cuba’s vaccination roll-out programme is hindered by a lack of syringes and raw materials as a direct result of the blockade. Solidarity organisations around the world have had funding sites raising money for COVID-19 medical aid closed down because of blockade measures. CSC itself receives numerous enquiries from people who can’t find a way to transfer money to friends and family in Cuba. Meanwhile, the US government spends millions of dollars every year on so-called “democracy promotion” on the island, funding groups and individuals who work undercover attempting to build US-supported opposition.

If those calling for humanitarian aid to Cuba were genuine in their intentions they would start with calling for the blockade to be lifted to allow medical and other supplies to be sent to Cuba. However their true objectives are those of the blockade itself. As the infamous US State Department memorandum on the blockade of 1960 laid out:

“The only foreseeable means of alienating internal support is through disenchantment and disaffection based on economic dissatisfaction and hardship… every possible means should be undertaken promptly to weaken the economic life of Cuba… a line of action which, while as adroit and inconspicuous as possible, makes the greatest inroads in denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government.”

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May Day Statement From EU Unions

” It is only when the sky is dark that we can see the stars .”

Long live the 1st May

This sentence, pronounced a few decades ago by Martin Luther King, has not aged a bit. We chose to take it as thread and across borders, at a time when we are preparing to write our speeches and trade publications for the feast of 1st May

The health crisis we are still facing has indeed plunged us into the dark. An intense black in which very quickly appeared thousands of stars ! Workers in factories, supermarkets, couriers, nurses, storekeepers, garbage collectors, taxi-train-tram-metro-bus drivers, energy specialists, garages, all of our service providers and “basic necessities ” , all the public service and administration agents, who ensured the continuity of basic or essential products … All the representatives of these professions in which we often have to fight to make ends meet and who have maintained the ” System ” standing !

Go further than simply limiting the damage :

• Workers are the biggest victims of the coronavirus crisis. Those temporarily unemployed have lost much of their purchasing power and many are now at risk of losing their jobs, such as temporary workers and workers on fixed-term contracts. No way for us to leave them by the wayside !

• Moreover, if society and the economy continue to turn in times of crisis, it is thanks to the workers, as well as to the maintenance of their purchasing power. It will therefore be necessary to restore the human dimension of work as well as reassess its value, which the system has lowered to the rank of a simple cost of production, in the same way as goods or raw materials. Recognise work and pay it fairly, with a special focus on the lowest wages. A fair job, not “just a job”!

• The global pandemic in which we are immersed is proof of this, health and safety must be put back on the agenda of our priorities. Trade unions have a key role to play as negotiators both in companies and at sectoral and inter-professional levels.

• The prevention and protection plans in the workplace must be the result of consultation between workers, employers, medical advisers and experts. Investments in personal protective equipment must be stepped up. It is unacceptable – with or without a pandemic – that workers do not even receive adequate protective equipment from their employers.

• We plead for a strengthening and tightening of inspections in this area. This idea meets with strong reservations, as if the only goal was to sanction. But if all the guidelines are followed, there is no problem. The employer who protects the health of his workers has nothing to fear from the inspection.

• The collective reduction of working time must be put back on the negotiating table, especially in this context where everyone is working harder and longer. This will promote a better distribution of work while significantly reducing the number of accidents, burnouts and other ailments linked to stress and overwork. It will also promote a much better work-life balance.

• Solidarity is the glue of a society just as a good health system is essential to our well-being. If the damage was limited during this unprecedented health crisis, it is thanks to the State and social security. This is why we must invest to strengthen public services and consolidate the funding bases of social security… Invest, refinance, consolidate, shape a more sustainable and united world. Review the redistribution of wealth to assign it to new priorities.

This of course requires tax justice, so that the tax is better and more equitably distributed.

Digitisation, energy transition, environmental impacts, short circuits, industrial relocation,… all against a backdrop of post-corona societal reorganization… In memory of activists, the challenges have never been so numerous nor have they seemed so complex.

The health situation, which we are going through, cannot serve as a pretext for multinationals and the rest of the economic power to deregulate labor relations, by leveling wages down, increasing working hours or making the situation of workers even more precarious. workers.

The months to come and the years that follow will be decisive for the international trade union movement because at a time when vaccination seems to be at cruising speed, at a time when a return to a normal life seems to be on the horizon , it is up to us to organise ourselves to prevent a return to the abnormal and demand a fair distribution of wealth. The return of profit as the sole engine of society, while companies have benefited from billions of euros of public money.

It is only when the sky is dark that we can see the stars, we wrote, beginning with these few lines. But one cannot live forever in the dark any more than one can deny the existence or underestimate the importance of the stars in broad daylight. We will remember it, wherever we go, wherever we sit: ” Do not play with our workers, the shareholders and the bosses at the risk of triggering…the real star wars”

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Unite Statement On The Union’s Birmingham Hotel, Conference & Education Centre

Responding to the piece broadcast by Sky News in relation to the Birmingham hotel, conference and education facility built for Unite the union, the union said:

Unfortunately, Sky News has let itself and it viewers down by producing and broadcasting a deeply misleading report on our new conference hotel and education facility in Birmingham.

“The report is inaccurate from the outset.  The roots of the story are not in Liverpool but lie firmly within the union’s democratic decision-making body, our Executive Council, which gave the go-ahead to embark on this wonderful facility for our members nearly a decade ago in 2012.

“The insinuation that Unite is somehow caught up in an entirely unrelated series of events in Liverpool is nothing other than a shallow attack on our union, but is also an insult to all those who worked on this world-class facility, as well as to the great people and city of Liverpool who are too often demonised by our lazy media.

“It seems that Sky News prefers guilt by association over the facts.

“The truth of the matter is that this is old news, reheated with not a single new fact in order to attack our union, using underhand tactics, innuendo and persons hostile to our union.  This is not journalism of which Sky can be proud.

“Every step of the way, the production of this complex was overseen by independent surveyors and architects.  Accountability was built into the process to ensure that at every stage of this development we got value for this union’s money.   All this was overseen by our democratically-elected, independent 62-strong Executive Council.  It is insulting in the extreme to infer that their oversight is at fault and should be somehow replaced by another body.  This is the body elected by our members to keep this union properly run and accountable, and they do this superbly.

“The result is a tremendous facility for use by working people in this country.  It is an incredible asset for our union, valued by an independent auditor at cost price now but recognised as a facility that will only increase in value.  It will produce huge amounts of income in revenue for our union, which will be reinvested in services and support for our members, and save the union millions a year alone in conference costs.

” Those in any doubt of the wisdom of this development need only compare it to similar projects in our cities to see for themselves what a sensible investment this development is for our union. This facility is an investment for shop stewards and 1.2 million working people by their union, because we their best interests are our driving force. 

“Unite is proud of this amazing facility, and proud to be a union that wants the best for our members.  We bow to nobody, and certainly not to a hostile media, in our dedication to delivering the best to our members.”

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Unite slams ‘abysmal’ removal of black bus driver from Labour’s London campaign

London’s biggest trade union, Unite, has slammed  the ‘abysmal’ decision to remove the only male Afro-Caribbean candidate from the Labour party list of candidates for elections across the capital this May.

The union says that the removal of Preston Tabois, a bus driver and Tottenham Labour councillor, reveals the party’s ‘double-standards’ and is calling for the decision to be reversed.

Mr Tabois had previously been endorsed by an NEC Panel, following a complaint about a tweet from several years ago. The panel explicitly said that Mr Tabois should remain a candidate.

However, an NEC panel has now voted to remove Mr Tabois. No reason for his removal has been given. Condemning the move, Unite regional secretary Pete Kavanagh said: “This is just an abysmal decision by the Labour party.  It’s an insult to Preston, to our union and more importantly, to London’s voters.

“One in three London voters is from the BAEM community. Candidates like Preston from the Afro-Caribbean community show that Labour stands up for and speaks for all our London communities.

“Preston is Labour through and through. He is a bus driver who knows this city inside out and who will always work to advance the interests of working-class people.  

Unite national officer for the union’s BAEM membership, Harish Patel, added: “Voters will rightly be asking why the Westminster candidate for Hartlepool has been allowed to apologise and move on for his insulting comments about women, but Preston Tabois is not allowed to do the same about one post he shared seven years ago.

“Such transparent double-standards will cause anger. The party already has a real problem reaching and engaging the BAEM community at the best of times. This just made that job so much harder.

“To remove the only male Afro-Caribbean candidate from the party’s entire list of 10 for the capital is an appalling move.

“It has to reverse this decision before irreversible damage is done to our relationship with the Afro-Caribbean working class, not just in London but across the country.”

All of which begs the question what is going on the Labour Party? The Party rams through the nomination of a candidate in the Hartlepool by-election with a long list of one and despite sexist tweets referring to women as MILFs he gets excused as it was ‘historical and he apologised’, yet Preston, a decent man, a black man, and a working bus driver who originally gets through is removed from the party list of candidates by another panel?

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Book review: Walter Citrine: Forgotten Statesman of the Trade Union Congress

Walter Citrine: Forgotten Statesman of the Trade Union Congress
Author:  Dr Jim Moher

By Roger Jeary

Political biographies can be hard going at times but this well crafted and detailed view of Walter Citrine does not fall into that category. Jim Moher has chosen to rely heavily upon the extensive diaries and document of Walter Citrine (who was the third General Secretary of the TUC) and intertwined that with extracts/comments from biographers of contemporary figures in the political period covering the first half of the 20th century and beyond.

The book takes us through a chronology of Citrine’s life including his early family/work background and initial steps into the trade union movement.

It then leads us into the period from 1925 to 1946 which focuses on the most influential period of Citrine’s trade union and political career. We then learn of his contribution to the Nationalised Industries, post war, and conclude with his contributions to the House of Lords.

I, like many who have spent their lives involved in the trade union movement, have known of the existence of Citrine through his extensively used “ABC of Chairmanship” originally published in note form as a guide to Electricial Trade Union branches in Liverpool to enable them to complete their meetings without deteriorating into inconclusive shouting matches. Many will have known that he was also General Secretary of the TUC for two decades from 1926 to 1946 but I suspect most will not be familiar with his contribution during that time to the movement and internationalism.

Dr Moher, through his creative analysis of Citrine’s own records and records of meetings throughout that period, is able to provide an insight into discussions and arguments behind the headlines which covered the General Strike, the failed Labour Government in 1931, the fight against fascism in the 1930’s and his international role during the war years.

To cover such a breadth of activity in just over 400 pages and still leave the reader feeling they have an in depth knowledge of the period is a gift that few biographers emulate. To provide this insight into a man who has frequently been dismissed by trade unionists as simply an administrator with a passion for files, has meant that his true contribution to the movement, and the country, is released to all who take time to read this excellent biography.

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The OECD At The Crossroads

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McCluskey To Government: Publish Impact Of Bad Bosses Threat To UK Workers

Unite’s Len McCluskey

Len McCluskey of Unite, is demanding that the government discloses the full impact of any roll-back of workers’ rights on the country’s millions of women, vulnerable and minority workers.

Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey has written to Kwasi Kwarteng, the minister responsible for the ‘review’, to demand not only that an equalities impact assessment of any changes is undertaken and published in full, but also that the secretary of state sets out clearly how he intends to engage trade unions in the review process.

Unite has described efforts to cut rights as a ‘bad bosses’ charter’, a gift to rogue employers which will force workers to work longer hours, lower pay and seriously undermine family life.

The union’s call comes ahead of a debate in the House of Commons today (Monday 25 January) where Labour will seek to force the Conservative government to come clean on the real motive behind its ‘review’, which is thought to embrace working time, overtime and holiday pay.

Kwasi Kwarteng initially denied that any consideration of workers’ rights was underway, before being forced to confirm its existence. The review also comes after over a year of emphatic promises from the prime minister that his government would not reverse workers’ rights but instead would ensure that they were a ‘beacon’ to the world.

Stating that Unite will vigorously oppose any efforts to diminish the rights of UK workers, Len McCluskey says that there is no appetite from employers for the review and that the upheaval legal changes will bring is the wrong priority for a country that needs stability, economic investment and an industrial strategy to recover post-pandemic.

In his letter, Len McCluskey writes: “Unite is engaged with some 38,000 employers around the country, of all shapes and sizes, on a daily basis and I can confirm categorically that altering the basic legal rights of their workers is not their priority. Instead, they tell us that they want stability, investment, improved skills across the workforce and the promised industrial strategy to lead to active government engagement with them in the support and renewal of UK industry.

“We oppose any efforts by the government to diminish the rights of the workers of this country, who have committed themselves fully to public service during this year of crisis despite the appalling behaviour of some employers. 

“This crisis in one way has been predictable; it has seen opportunistic employers including British Airways, Heathrow Airport Limited and the Go Ahead group move to rewrite contracts, reduce wages and extend working hours. The ease with which they can do so, confident in there being no reproach whatsoever from the government, underlines that workers in this country are already the easiest to mistreat and make redundant among the European economies.

“A responsible government, committed to levelling up and arresting inequality, should be moving to prevent such abuses, not making them more likely.

“I would also urge you not to make the mistake of previous Conservative administrations of refusing to engage with the trade unions of this country. Any moves that divide employers from their workforces, those who will feel the full effect of any subsequent government policies, only serve to sow the seeds of distrust and concern, which would be extremely unhelpful at any time but particularly so while the country faces profound enormous health and economic challenges that are best met collectively and positively, not with working people fearing attack.

“I urge that you move swiftly to involve the trade unions in your advisory panel and accord them the same stakeholder status and full engagement as that given to business.

“I also call upon your department to undertake a full equality impact assessment of any proposed changes to workers’ rights. As the row over Universal Credit reminds us, there are millions of working poor in this country and they are disproportionately women, black and Asian ethnic minorities, disabled and young workers. 

“Attacks on working time, are highly likely to make the lives of these workers and that of their families even harder. Longer working hours are certain to lead to pay cuts, putting many below the legal minimum wage. Longer working hours also put health and safety at risk because exhausted workers are unsafe workers, and will place rest and family time under immense stress. These consequences must be fully considered and be fully and publicly disclosed.

“Job insecurity, low skills and low wages are endemic in this country. For our people and economy to thrive, I would urge that government focuses its efforts on addressing these very real challenges, not on divisive, potentially discriminatory and fear-inducing plans to revise workers’ rights, for which there is no clamour.”

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AFL-CIO: Workers Five Priorities For 2021

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Statement By Unite on article in The Times, January 16th.

Unite have issued the following statement today.

“The reports in The Times are an extremely crude attempt to smear Unite and its leadership through a disgraceful attempt at guilt-by-association.

“They attempt to create an impression of a connection between Unite and the criminal investigations taking place in the City of Liverpool on the basis of what even the newspaper is forced to admit is no evidence whatsoever.

“There is absolutely no link between the union or any of its officials with those investigations.  Merely coming from Merseyside is not an offence save in the outlook of the Murdoch media, which long has form in this respect.

“The reports are riddled with inaccuracies concerning the construction of Unite’s education, hotel and office facility in Birmingham and they include figures that are wildly erroneous, presented without source or verification.

“The facility in Birmingham also contains a 1000-capacity state of the art conference centre.  Independent auditors have confirmed that the hotel, education and conference centre is as an asset to the union to the value of the union’s investment.

“At every stage of this project there have been clear and consistent tendering requirements, with progress reported regularly to the union’s Executive Council.

“Unite’s Birmingham complex is a world-class facility, built to the highest standards using unionised workers and it will help to regenerate a derelict area of England’s second city.   Those who seek to misrepresent this project do so to advance their own agenda relating to the election for General Secretary which will take place this year.

“They have an established disregard for the truth.

“Unite is focussed solely on protecting its members during the current pandemic crisis.  It does so effectively because its financial strength and democratic governance is second to none in the trade union movement.

“These smears and innuendos will not divert the union from its purpose but they do signify the further decline of a once-respected newspaper.”

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At last the  film is now available online and on DVD!

Chris Reeves of Platform Films has produced a marvellous film which has taken several years to complete as Chris is heavily engaged in making and producing films on many workers struggles – present and historic – but he has been at pains to ensure it is a reflection of the story of the bitter News International Dispute from the point of view of those involved and the unions.

‘Wapping – The Workers’ Story is a film about the momentous year-long industrial dispute which began in 1986 when Rupert Murdoch plotted to move production of his newspapers overnight from central London’s Fleet Street to a secretly equipped and heavily guarded printing plant at Wapping, a docklands district in East London.

5,500 union men and women lost their jobs and centuries of trade union and industrial tradition in one of London’s last manufacturing industries came to an end.

Military-style police tactics, the use of anti union laws which shackled the unions’ hard won freedoms and strike breaking organised by the then right wing electricians union led to a Murdoch victory.

The dispute had international ramifications for Murdoch’s expanding press and broadcasting empire in the United States and around the world. It enabled him to finance his expanding empire including satellite TV.

It took place as the UKs Thatcher government embraced monetarism – deregulating finance, privatising key industries and undermining local democracy.

The story is told by sacked print workers of the NGA, Sogat, AEEU and the ‘refusenik’ NUJ journalists who joined them.

The film was made with the News International Dispute Archive group whose publications, website and travelling exhibition have given a voice to the sacked workers and their families.

The film is 70 minutes long and the DVD has subtitles in: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish.

The details of how to view the film online and to purchase on-line and DVD copies are contained in the message below from producer Chris Reeves:

“A new documentary about the Wapping dispute by platform films in association with the News International Dispute Archive is now available.

The film can be viewed on-line at: for £2.25.

A DVD version with extras is available from Platform Films, 37a Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DU.

To purchase a copy or copies of the DVD please e-mail: with your details.

The DVD price is: £8.00 + £1.00 P&P and cheques should be made out to Platform Films.


Read the review of the DVD & Film in The Morning Star by clicking on the following link…/real-story-wapping…

Tony Burke (UNITE Assistant General Secretary)

“Unite are proud to be associated with this film to tell the real story of the workers’ struggle with Murdoch, the police, the Tory Government and the right wing media.”

Ken Loach (Film maker)

“We need to know the story of the print workers’ battle against Murdoch. We can understand our enemies and see our strengths. Chris Reeves is a fine film maker and a true friend of the workers movement.”

Ann Field (retired UNITE print sector national officer and a founder member of the News International Dispute‎ Archive)

“From the 1980s conspiracy to get rid of an entire workforce of 5,500 workers to the notorious phone hacking and corruption scandals 30 years later – this film exposes the deep-seated and enduring immorality at the heart of the Murdoch-led News International empire.”

‘Wapping The Workers’ Story’ Winner – Best Director, Best Documentary, Hollywood Hills Film Awards, November 2020

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