WikiLeaks releases cables on Miami 5 Campaign

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is publicising a number of cables from the US Embassy in regard to the on-going campaign in the UK to secure visiting rights for the families of the Miami 5. Leaked cables from the US Embassy published by The Telegraph late on 4th February show that the campaign to help the Miami Five has been successful in reaching the highest levels of the US government.

A US Embassy cable from February 2010 entitled ‘PM Brown’s call to Secretary Clinton regarding “Cuban Five”‘ reports that Gordon Brown asked Hilary Clinton to grant visas to Olga Salanueva and Adriana Perez “as a result of a commitment that he had made to UK trade unionists”.

Unite has been at the forefront of the campaign to obtain visiting rights for the families of the Miami 5. Read about the Unite campaign here.

You can read the full report and US Embassy ‘confidential’ cable here:

WikiLeaks also report on William Hague’s involvement as the then Shadow Foreign Secretary. Following a visit to Cuba when he was Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague was interviewed by a senior diplomat at the US Embassy in London who was concerned about a press report in which Hague called for an end to the blockade.

Hague spoke to the US diplomat on 20 March 2010 about his meetings with Cuban government ministers, suggested that ending the blockade could improve US relations in Latin America. The diplomat finished his report of the interview with the comment that Hague’s visit to Cuba was evidence that he “appears to be expanding his international credentials by staking out a position on Cuba shared by a number of other EU countries – and most British voters – as he prepares to become foreign secretary if, as appears increasingly likely, the Conservatives win the next election.”

Read the full US Embassy ‘confidential’ cable at:

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