What exactly are the real effects of the Arts cuts?

Even from an economist’s point-of-view cuts to the Arts make little sense. Small amounts of public money work hard to deliver a real return for the country both in economic terms and in terms of the kind of society we want to be.

Lost Arts is a three year project which will catalogue all the projects, events, initiatives, performances and organisations that will be lost to us, until the next review in 2015.

Unite members are behind the scenes playing their part bringing the view of the ordinary working man and woman. Their jobs are often not well paid but they are the unsung heroes of the arts community whose wages provide support to their local economies. The arts have a real place in regenerating our economy, providing work for huge numbers at the same time as recognising the artistic and creative talent we have that has made our country a world leader.But that leading role is under threat from the cuts and lack of vision so characterised by this government. Unite believes working together across the creative industries we can shape the agenda of hope over pessimism.

Visit the Lost Arts website and see the total costs of cuts to the Arts

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