USW’s Ben Davis On Attacks On Unions In Mexico

Power In A Union has long highlighted the attacks currently taking place on trade unions in Mexico. There is a concerted attempt to dismantle independent unions in Mexico lead by some European and US companies and replace them with ‘yellow” or company run unions in contravention of ILO Conventions.

The Mexican parliament is now rushing through legislation that will among other things, make it impossible for unions to take industrial action to defend themselves and their members.

The global union federation IndustriALL have set up a special web page urging trade unionists around the world to email Mexican politicians to stop the attack on unions and vote against legislation being rushed through the parliament.

You can support the campaign and help Mexican unions by clicking here. or on the graphic above.

Also you can read my blog on what is happening in Mexico on the TUC’s Stronger Unions Unions Blogsite by clicking here.

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