USW members at Anchor Glass on strike

USW members who work at Anchor Glass, in the USA are on strike. 150 mold makers who work for Anchor Glass are on strike. They’re in dispute the glass company over benefits, in particular, health and retirement packages. Mold makers design and build the molds, molten glass is poured into. The current collective bargaining agreement between the the United Steelworkers and Anchor Glass ended on September 1st.

The Unite Steelworkers are Unite’s partner in the global union Workers Uniting. Anchor Glass is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and is a leading North American manufacturer of glass containers with annual revenue of approximately $800 million and employing approximately 2,900 people. Anchor Glass currently operates eight glass manufacturing facilities, consisting of 15 furnaces and 44 lines, as well as one mold-making facility.

The United Steelworkers said, “It’s certainly tough on both sides and tough on any worker that depends on a weekly pay check. But it’s something that these workers feel they have to do to get healthcare for their families and children.”

Contract negotiations are set to take place in Ohio, with a federal mediator. Anchor Glass issued a statement saying they’re working hard to negotiate, in good faith, with union representatives.

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  1. eric jacobsen says:

    If nobody stands up,then we get what we deserve. go brothers!!!!!!!

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