Urgent action: Email your MP to oppose destruction of NHS

On Monday night, Coalition MPs voted Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s devastating health care reforms one step closer. Unless we can persuade enough MPs to vote against these reforms, we could be looking at the destruction of the NHS by the summer. We all need to act now if we are going to save our health service.

Your MP needs to know how much you care about the NHS. If an MP hears from enough of their constituents, they will realise they could lose their seat if they vote for the break-up of our health service.

Email your MP today and let them know how strongly you feel about the NHS.


The government are making bogus claims and rushing their reforms through.

They say they want to cut out bureaucracy, but in reality, at just five percent, NHS admin costs are among the lowest in the developed world. They claim the NHS is failing. Yet health experts say the NHS is as good if not better than the rest of the world.

All this will be thrown away if these reforms dismantle the NHS to be replaced by profit-driven health care multinationals.

This Bill gives license to profit-driven companies to send NHS patients to the back of the queue and will ultimately see the inflated rewards for the private health care companies that we see at the top end of banking.

The government reforms will let the market tear apart the NHS. The ethos behind the NHS will disappear.

Now it’s up to you to make Parliament see sense. Email your MP today.


There is not a shred of evidence to prove reforms will improve the health of a single patient. We can’t stand for that.

And the majority of GPs don’t want these reforms – they want to treat patients. But the government is refusing to listen.

Please email your MP now and implore them to protect the NHS.

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