Unite Sainsbury’s demo

Unite members at Sainsbury's HQ, London

Sainsbury’s has been accused of double standards over its ‘Feed Your Family’ campaign in a row over workers’ rights. Over 100 DHL staff (Unite members) staged a protest outside Sainsbury’s London HQ today over changes to shift patterns and new working practices.

Sainsbury’s has an exclusive contract with DHL for its warehouse and delivery services. But DHL has imposed new working times that mean out of 12 five-day shifts, many workers will only get three weekends off.

Unite said that change would destroy family life for those affected and has urging Sainsbury’s to protect DHL workers from an unprecedented attack on their family lives.

“Sainsbury’s high-profile Feed Your Family campaign encourages its customers to eat as a family,” said Unite national officer Paul Davies. “But when we urged the supermarket to intervene to protect warehouse workers at its depot from this devastating attack on their family lives, we were ignored.”

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2 Responses to Unite Sainsbury’s demo

  1. emily hanson says:

    my friend is a agency worker who works at the DHL sainsburys depot in charlton,he drives a reach truck only,he has worked in logistics warehouse for over 20 plus years for companys like M & S /TESCO/ASDA/ROYAL DAULTON/JOHN LEWIS,he has retired 3 years ago after a lottery win and he decided to work local at this depot to earn some spending money. HE HAS SAID DHL LOGISTICS IS A DISCUSTING COMPANY TO WORK FOR,THE WHOLE MANAGEMENT TEAM IS CORRUPTED AT CHARLTON/DARTFORD/ALLINGTON,i have proof of this,iam suprised sainsburys continue to use DHL as a supply chain,all warehouse staff are treated like prisioners at all DHL depots.

  2. edward misiura says:

    I work at sainsburys convenience and they do not want to recognise unions any shape or form they even refuse to follow their own disciplinary process because it costs money.please sainsburys reply if you dare!

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