TUC Employment Rights After Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the underlying weakness of the UK’s employment laws and we can expect there will be demands from employers for ‘more flexibility’ or attempts to weaken the already weak employment laws. European and global trade unions are anticipating a push by employers to role back employment rights in response to a weakened economy.

This week the TUC will be releasing a series of interviews on Employment rights after coronavirus:

Monday, May 4thMonday, Michael Ford QC will talk about the employment law fall out from coronavirus.

Tuesday, May 5th, will see Dee Masters and Robin Allen QC of Cloisters about technology at work after coronavirus.

Wednesday, May 6thwill feature an interview with Dr Alessio Bertolini of the Oxford Internet Institute on platform work after coronavirus.

Thursday, May 7thProfessor Melanie Simms will discuss the longer-run impact on labour markets and the issues facing trade unions.

Each video will last between 10-15 minutes and will be done in interview style.

The TUC will be providing links to these interviews which will be tweeted out.

Tim Sharp TUC’s Senior Employment Rights Officer

Tim Sharp, Senior Employment Rights Officer at the TUC says: “During the coronavirus pandemic unions have fought hard to protect workers jobs and incomes and to ensure their rights are respected at this difficult time. But we need to ensure that when the shutdown is lifted and more people return to work outside the home that we are alert to the tasks ahead”.

“These interviews explore the various challenges workers will face whether it is to their legal rights or the impact of new technology to put them in a better position to defend and extend their rights at work.”

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