Tribute to Richard Trumka

By Liz Shuler Acting President and Secretary-Treasurer AFL-CIO

I’m heartbroken to inform you that our brother and leader, Rich Trumka, passed away this week at the age of 72. He was doing what he loved: spending time with his family.

Rich cared deeply about working people. He wanted to create a better life for every single person going to work. He dedicated himself to that m
ission, and he never stopped fighting.

He is a legend in the labor movement and will be remembered.

He’ll be remembered in the White House and the halls of Congress: where he fought on the national stage and walked away with historic legislative victories for workers’ rights and health care.

He’ll be remembered in 815 Black Lives Matter Plaza: where he led the AFL-CIO for 12 years, when times were good and when they weren’t, as he liked to say.

He’ll be remembered at the United Mine Workers of America: where he refused to back down against Pittston Coal Company and Peabody Coal, winning fair contracts for thousands of mine workers across the country.

He’ll be remembered in Nemacolin, Pennsylvania: where he was a third-generation coal miner, who left for a law degree and came back to fight for his community.

And he’ll be remembered on every picket line. In every fight to better the lives of working people.

Rich Trumka is a legend. And legends are always remembered, even if we lose them.

He gave the labor movement everything he had, and so will we. We’ll keep fighting for you, Rich.

In Solidarity,

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