Treason is punished, courage is rewarded – Napoleón Gómez Urrutia

Napoleon Gomez, President of Los Mineros

Excellent article from La Jornada, in Mexico, 21st December 2017 on Mexican trade unions and the Mexican independent union Los Mineros joining with Unite the Union and the United Steelworkers in our global union Workers Uniting.

The year 2017 could not conclude without the occurrence of some very important actions and decisions at an international level that clearly reflect what is happening in Mexico and especially in the labor movement.

On the one hand, the significant suspension and eventual expulsion of the Confederation of Mexican Workers  (CTM) and the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) from the most important trade union organization in the world, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), with more than 170 million members. An unprecedented case that further damages these pro-government workers’ associations, accused of treason after allying themselves with conservative, opportunist and anti-union groups that contradict the objectives and principles of the ITUC. Their surrender and submission to governments of whatever ideology have been revealed worldwide.

On the other hand, Los Mineros of México were distinguished in October 2017 with permanent and enthusiastic admission as the only representative of our nation to an outstanding trade union organization, which has distinguished itself in the fight for democracy, freedom and the defense of labor and human rights.

This organization, Workers Uniting, brings together the most powerful unions in England, Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada and now Mexico through Los Mineros.

This is not just a symbol or a letterhead; it is union power that becomes stronger every day through the permanent struggle for justice, respect and dignity of all from a progressive and humanistic perspective and attitude.

We’d best leave aside the sad and shameful role of the CTM and the CROC, which are the same confederations that proposed last week to the Senate of the Republic, through two senators – Tereso Medina, of the CTM, and Isaías González, national leader of the CROC, both members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) – to modify Article 123 of the Constitution and reform the draft of the new Federal Labor Law with some proposals that not even the most reactionary entrepreneur would have considered, such as giving free rein to companies to contract with outsourcing companies or contractors, without any obstacle and at any level of employment, which would allow employers to freely adjust their staff or dismiss workers without justification and without the need to notify them in writing.

That is to say, a total aberration and regression, with makes it easier to understand why they were expelled from the ITUC, because they also destroy collective bargaining and, freedom of association and practically suggest canceling the right to strike, in order to ingratiate themselves and receive rewards or compensation for well serving the system of corruption that prevails in Mexico.

Workers Uniting, which was founded in 2008 and to which Los Mineros of México are now affiliated, is an organization with a common vision of a progressive unionism, based on political struggles and the experience accumulated over more than 150 years of evolution of the workers’ movement. At the center of this vision is the principle of solidarity and the understanding that workers have in common their place in the economic system, their principles and values ​​and the defense of their rights, regardless of gender, sexual, racial or ethnic identity, language or national origin, age or abilities.

This recently constituted organization unites the real working class, which is politically aware, rejects the arguments of the conservative right that has sought to discredit and divide the democratic labor sector of all countries and common rights and identity of workers, because the root of the mentality of the minority social elites is a blind faith in free trade and uncontrolled markets, which have caused so much damage for the working class.

Workers Uniting recognizes that in the global economy there are no borders, that politicians handle their agendas according to their convenience – whether in London, Ottawa, Dublin, Washington or Mexico City, and that behind them are the big corporations, multinational companies and financial institutions. The members of Workers Uniting are equally aware that all these interests are closely connected and that they constitute a central part of the strategy of the political class to orchestrate and direct global attacks against free and democratic workers’ organizations.

That is why it is important and fundamental for leaders, academics and intellectuals to articulate a credible alternative to unify and strengthen the actions of the entire working class, which has a great awareness of the need for a change of model and direction that generates greater equality, security, democracy and justice for the entire population.

With this shared vision, Workers Uniting is committed to strengthening international solidarity against exploitation, abuse and injustice, based on the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all. The enthusiastic acceptance of the membership of Los Mineros results from our prestige in the union struggle, our capacity for organization and our defense of the fundamental rights of workers, which are continuously violated in Mexico –  an outrage that has been supported by the shameful alliance of the CTM and the CROC with the enemies of the workers.

Click here to download the original in Spanish.

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