Tony Abbott and the Aussie Car Industry

 Andrew Dettmar President of the AMWU in Australia sent me this about the UK’s new ‘joint president of the Board of Trade’ former Aussie PM Tony Abbott – supposed trade negotiator supreme – dumped by his own party and his constituents – now another addition to ‘Team Johnson’.

Andrew (who has said its ok to publish this) has this to say about  Abbott and the demise of the Australian car industry:

“He simply abandoned Australian car workers. Thanks to our high Australian $$$, imports became temporarily cheaper & Australian made cars couldn’t compete.

Holden (owned by General Motors) applied for some ‘soft loans’ from Tony Abbott & Joe Hockey, (his treasurer).

The senior management of Holden wasn’t even given the courtesy of a phone call when Joe Hockey announced o the Australian parliament the Govenment’s refusal to help.

It gave rise to Joe Hockey’s infamous ‘lifters & leaners’ speech (he described Australian’s as being divided into two groups: “lifters” and “leaners”). The policy pretty much removed all industry support for manufacturing early in Abbott’s mercifully brief reign.

It didn’t affect the support mining, agriculture & the banks received mind you!

This was a disgraceful abandonment of workers and the bipartisan support of advanced manufacturing which Australia had enjoyed since WWII.”

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