Thanks from Pindo Deli Paper Workers Union (SPKPD) Indonesia

Dear Brother Tony Burke

On January 27th, 2013, there was an agreement between Pindo Deli Paper Workers Union (SPKPD) with the paper company Pindo Deli. What has been proposed is enforcement of union rights and fair wages and the employers are willing to carry out the wishes of SPKPD. (See back story here)

Because there was an agreement and the victory was won by SPKPD, then SPKPD agreed not to strike them.

Please help to spread the word victory is achieved by SPKPD-FSP2KI.

On behalf of Pindo Deli Paper Workers’ Union and the Federation of Pulp & Paper Indonesia (FSP2KI) we would like to  thank you for the support of Unite The  Union, United Steel Workers Union, Pappers, the global union IndustriALL and the entire network of the international unions have given support to SPKPD and FSP2KI.

Without any support from you we will not be able to achieve this victory.


Central leadership FSP2KI

Ikhsan Prajarani
Head Division Campaign FSP2KI

For information on this dispute click  here

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