Support US Car Workers Fighting For Union Recogntion

United Auto Workers (the US car workers union) and their members  at Local 42 in Chattanooga, Tennessee have been locked in a battle with Volkswagen for the right to union recognition and collective bargaining.

Despite a December 2015 election victory – when skilled trades workers voted in favour of being represented by the UAW at Volkswagen – and a September 2016 NLRB ruling that ordered Volkswagen to the bargaining table, the company still refuses to negotiate with UAW.

Volkwagen recognise unions in Germany (the IG Metall), in the UK (Bentley in Crewe) and in many other countries.

For months, Volkswagen has used every stalling tactic available to avoid recognising US workers’ right to form a union and negotiate a contract.

Unite union reps from the automotive sector recently visted the Volkswagen site in Chatanooga as part of an international delegation aimed to forcing VW to recognise the UAW at the plant.

SumOfUs, a group of over 12 million people across the globe who are committed to ‘people over profits’ has a new petition calling on Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller to stop the stalling tactics and meet with UAW to negotiate a contract.

Unite is asking you to stand in solidarity with UAW members in Chattanooga and millions of supporters around the world.

Sign the petition now and tell Volkswagen to put an end to the stalling tactics.


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One Response to Support US Car Workers Fighting For Union Recogntion

  1. Dave Smith says:

    Stay strong brothers and sisters across the pond. We are with you and stand with you. Solidarity!

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