Striking Suzuki workers victory in India

The IMF report that a settlement has been reached in the often violent dispute at Suzuki in India. Here is the IMF Statement issued this evening. A great result and a great show of international solidarity!


Back story: Seven thousand Suzuki workers in India need your help today. Following an intense, and sometimes violent, month long struggle, Suzuki workers in India finally reached agreement with the employer at the end of September.

But when they returned to work, it turned out that Suzuki had changed its mind, and was not going to abide by the agreement it had signed.

The result has been a resumption of the strike, with a violent reaction from management. Shots have been fired at the strikers. And the government is taking management’s side, declaring the strike to be “illegal”.

The International Metalworkers Federation, is asking for messages to be sent to the company demanding that it stop the violence, and respect the agreement it signed with its workers.

Please click here now to send off your message.

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