Southampton Councillor apology to Unite’s Len McCluskey

Just in case Councillor Jeremy Moulton of Southamption City Council, the Deputy Leader of the City Council and Cabinet Member for Childrens’ Services and Parlimentary Candidiate for Southampton Test no less thought that by publishing this apology on his blogsite no-one would notice we thought we would give Jeremy’s apology to the appalling allegation that union’s were “blackmailing councillors” just a little more publicity.

If you are looking for the offending posting – its been removed!

But here’s the apology: “On 6th June 2011 I published a posting on my blog relating to the strikes in Southampton where I said that the strikes were an effort to blackmail councillors into submitting to union demands. I have always accepted that it is the lawful right of all workers to withhold their labour and whilst I strongly disagree with the current industrial action, it is not correct to label this blackmail. I have therefore removed the blog posting, and I retract the statement and apologise to the unions and specifically Mr McCluskey, for the use of the term.”

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