On-line petition to save Remploy

The Remploy unions – GMB, Unite and Community are fighting hard to save Remploy factories from closure. Remploy provides decent work in a secure environment for workers with disabilities. They make furniture, print and packaging, electronics, office supplies, building products etc. We have fought off closures of Remploy sites before – we can do it again.

Please sign the petition here to help Remploy survive and to show the Remploy workers that you support them and care about their employment and their futures.

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3 Responses to On-line petition to save Remploy

  1. Sally Denington says:

    To close these factories is unfair to the disabled who find it difficult to get into mainstream work.

  2. Mike Booth says:

    I began work with Remploy at the age of fifteen in 1962 and remained with them until 1995. I know full well the real value of Remploy to its disabled workforce, and the value of the workforce to society. Many years ago we had a corporate video called ‘The RIght to Work’. If anyone has a copy please send it to David Cameron, and make sure he watches it. Because he really doesn’t get it at all. With his shallow statements about the big society.

  3. Donald Henderson says:

    we need to change but not like this to line the pockets of the money men in the tory party

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