Mexico: Teksid Workers Dump Company Union And Join Los Mineros – Reprisals Begin.

Workers at Teksid, Mexico walk out and dump company union

Workers at Teksid, Mexico walk out and dump company union

Information from Mexico via the United Steelworkers in the USA says that over 600 union forms have been signed by workers at Teksid Hierro in Ciudad Frontera, Coahuila, Mexico (part of Fiat Chrysler Group) to join the National Mine and Metalworkers Union (Los Mineros). The workers say they have and have abandoned the “yellow” CTM union imposed on the workers by the company.

Imposing non-independent company stooge unions without consultation on workers who are trying to organise is widely encouraged and supported by the Government and for companies, (many of them from Europe, Japan and elsewhere) this is the favoured method of union busting.

Such action would not be tolerated in the company’s home country such as Italy.

The workers who participated in a strike this week demanded more profit-sharing and rejected the  CTM.

A worker at the site confirmed that the CTM leader, Mario Dante Galindo, insisted that the workers remain affiliated to the yellow union – the Confederation of Workers of Mexico.

“Galindo came peacefully and wants us to stay with him,” said the source, adding that the leader “said nothing” and only stated that the profit-sharing payment was in accordance with the company’s fiscal declaration.

“They will begin to fire people, I don’t know how many, but they are talking to the people to fire them,” he stated, adding that rumors had circulated that 100 workers would be fired.

Despite a promise of “no reprisals” – the company have begun firing workers. On April 19th, the company dismissed three workers – Marisol Ruiz, Montoya Guardiola and Oscar Rodríguez Ponce – because of their involvement in the strike.

Workers Uniting, the global union comprising of the USW and Unite along with global manufacturing and industrial union federation IndustriALL now have begun mobilising support for Los Minero’s and the workers at Coahuila.

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