Letter from Larry Cohen at the Communication Workers Of America

45,000 Verizon workers marched into work together unified as one with their brothers and sisters and community supporters. Our collective fight for the American Dream continues.

Send these workers a message of solidarity today:


Our work is far from complete. Our strike objective from the beginning was a real collective bargaining process. Your support was essential to creating that opportunity. Now begins the hard work of negotiating a fair contract.

Too many Americans don’t have the opportunity to bargain. Collective bargaining in the private sector is at historic lows, far lower than other developed countries. As these rights have slipped away, American workers’ wages have stagnated. And without rising purchasing power for American workers, our economy has stagnated.

If wealthy corporations like Verizon continue to outsource jobs and hold down worker wages, there is no hope for an economic recovery. This is why our fight is your fight and why your support is so important.

Sign our solidarity message to Verizon workers today, and we’ll deliver your comments to them.


Your support for our CWA and IBEW members was overwhelming. It’s what powered the picket lines, strengthened our show of solidarity, and boosted our case for a fair bargaining process. When our movement speaks out as one, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. But this is not the time to let up. Even with our contract back in force and bargaining beginning anew, Verizon workers are counting on all of us to stand up for middle-class jobs.

Show Verizon workers that you aren’t backing down by sending them a note today.


In unity,

Larry Cohen

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