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Please click here to read a model on Palestine for consideration for CLPs to submit to Labour Party Conference this year.

The focus of the motion is on how Labour should respond not only to the proposals in Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century.’ but also to the everyday actions by the Israeli Government in breach of international law.

The 2019 Conference will have more scope for discussion of motions. Instead of the contemporary motions procedure, both unions and CLP’s will be able to vote on 10 motions for discussion – although each CLP can still only put forward one motion. For this reason, wards and CLPs will start discussing shortly what motion to submit to Conference this year.

If you wish to try and take forward this motion in your CLP, it would be very helpful if you could keep L&P in touch with how you plan to use the motion, when meetings are taking place and the outcome of any discussions by replying to this email. The intention is to offer support and help to delegates from CLPs who submit – or are considering submitting – the motion.

The motion has been drawn up in consultation with sponsoring unions and others campaigning for Palestine within the Party, and a briefing for speakers to use to introduce and answer questions about the motion should be available before the end of May.

With Donald Trump’s proposed ‘deal of the century’ proposing that Palestine will literally be carved up and distributed in an imposed ‘deal’ above the heads of the Palestinian people, it is particularly important that Palestine is a key issue within Labour’s ethical foreign policy, and that support for Palestine is shown at Conference.

Thank you for your support in helping make this happen,

Hugh Lanning, Labour & Palestine

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