Honeywell – Win for the workers – praise for Unite and global solidarity

Honeywell Lockout Win for Workers from Scott Marshall on Vimeo.

Steelworkers from USW Local 7-669 will be voting this week on a tentative contract with Honeywell. Despite the union’s best efforts, including a willingness to work under their old contract while continuing to negotiate, Honeywell locked them out over 13 months ago.

In pre-meditated fashion, the company had scabs ready to take over operations when they walked the union members out of the plant. It was a clear effort to break the union.

The plant here in Metropolis processes uranium used to make fuel rods for nuclear power plants. The 230 workers here use some of the deadliest chemicals known. The cancer rate for these workers is 10 times higher than the average population.

More than 40 steelworkers from the Metropolis plant have died of cancer and others are fighting the deadly disease. Yet one of the big demands Honeywell made before the lockout was cuts in health care for employees and retirees.

In the video , Darrel Lillie, president of USW local 7-669 talks about the last 13 months and the issues involved. He highlights the role of Unite, global solidarity and community support in the fight for a fair contract. Details are not available pending ratification of the membership, but it is clear that these steelworkers have stopped a major effort to take advantage of a bad economy to bust their union.

Thanks to Scott Marshall and Peoples World for the use of the video.

Update: From the Local 7-669 – Ratification Vote Is Contengent On Re-Entry For Our Members: “The local news continues to report when we will vote on the contract, but have yet to be right. If you are wondering why, it is because they have received all their information from Honeywell and not us. The reason we have not voted yet is because our committee and more importantly our members have made it crystal clear that a ratification vote is contingent on a re-entry agreement. Our MEMBERS always have, and always will have the final say”.

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