Hands Off Our Unions, Stop The Cuts, Resist Austerity

peoplesassemblyfront2-1Public Rally organised by the People’s Assembly, Institute of Employment Rights and the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom

. This is a free event, but we expect a large attendance so please register your place here

When: Tuesday 11 February, 6:30pm

Where: Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1H 9AU

Confirmed Speakers so far :

 Len McCluskey, Unite the Union; Mark SerwotkaPCS;
 Francesca MartinezComedian;
 John Hendy QCInstitute of Employment Rights/Campaign for Trade Union Freedom.

The government’s announcement of an inquiry into trade union tactics is further proof of its determination to undermine the right to protest against its austerity programme.
 As millions of people face falling real wages, unemployment, part time or casualised low paid work, and the rapid destruction or privatisation of the welfare state they stand in need of trade union organisation and the right to protest more than ever.

We pledge ourselves to resist this attack. The right to protest is a fundamental civil liberty. The right to join an effective trade union is the product of generations of working class resistance. We have no intention of relinquishing it to a Government with no interests in the needs of working people.

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