Great War On Want Campaign On Adidas Poverty Pay

Thousands of people who were at the Olympics would have seen this, on Sunday 5th August, at the Olympic Park after the men’s 100m final, War On Want projected a giant video message in protest at the exploitation of Adidas workers around the world.

War On Want want to make sure that thousands more see and share this image.

Made possible by the generosity of War On Want supporters, this projection can help shame Adidas to take action and end poverty pay.

The more people who see it, the bigger the impact. Please share it now. Please Tweet it, add to your Facebook page and Blog sites!

Adidas has already sold £100 million of Olympic clothing whilst workers making its goods around the world are paid poverty wages and are having to skip meals to survive.

This is exploitation. It wouldn’t be ok for Adidas to do this in the UK and it shouldn’t be ok anywhere else. Adidas must ensure that workers are paid enough to live.

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