Gaza War: TUC Says Stop Trade Talks With Isreal

The TUC has written to Tory Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch in response to the news that the UK is set to continue active trade talks with Israel.

The Tory government concluded the latest round at the end of February.

The TUC which has a longstanding policy on Palestinian rights says trade negotiations must be used to ensure respect for human rights and international law.

Since the UK launched trade talks on an updated trade agreement with Israel in  March 2022, the TUC has consistently stated it does not believe the government should engage in these negotiations, given Israel’s persistent violation of international law, UN resolutions and systematic violations of Palestinian labour and human rights.

In light of the Israeli government’s military operations in Gaza in recent months where these violations have intensified.

The TUC letter calls for the government to:

  • End trade talks with Israel
  • End arms sales and military collaboration
  • End UK trade in good from the Occupied Palestinian Territories

On 26th January the International Court of Justice (ICJ) found it ‘plausible’ that Israel’s acts could amount to genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza and issued binding provisional measures.

The UK government also has an obligation as a party to the Genocide Convention to take measures to prevent genocide.  It is therefore incumbent on the government to ensure Israel acts in accordance with the ICJ ruling.

The TUC letter follows the TUC’s General Council statement unequivocally condemning the shocking attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas, calling for the immediate, unconditional release of all hostages unharmed, and calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

In February the TUC wrote to the Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron calling for an immediate ceasefire accompanied by a political process. It expressed disappointment the UK government had so far failed to support such a ceasefire.

The TUC has called on the government to support genuine efforts towards a just, lasting and comprehensive peace that is consistent with international law, and is based on a two-state solution, which promotes equality, democracy and respect for human and labour rights.

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