Full scale assault on labour and protest movement in Georgia, USA.

In Georgia, USA the Georgia Senate Bill 469 (SB469), has been introduced to effectively bankrupt labour unions and organisations and prevent ‘mass picketing’ outside of a business or private residences with penalties up to $10,000 per day of violation.

But there’s more – perhaps the most blatant and outrageous assault is Section 5 of the bill – which will make it a felony to ‘conspire’ to commit criminal trespass while engaged in a political direct action. There is no coincidence that the anti-worker, corporate funded, sponsors of SB 469 have set their targets on all progressive social forces in Georgia.

Currently the union and labour movement are protesting against mass lay-offs of CWA members at AT&T in Atlanta – with an occupation of the company offices in Atlanta. The bill is designed to stop the kind of direct action which is seeing success and support across the globe. (See video above).

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