For A Europe With A Future – by Wolfgang Lemb

Excellent book edited by my comrade Wolfgang Lemb of the IG Metall trade union in Germany. Available on some book sellers sites.

“One thing is increasingly obvious since the European Elections of May 2019: The centrifugal forces within the EU are becoming stronger and stronger. Nationalism, far right populism, increasing inequality and democratic deficits all present the project of European integration with ever greater challenges. If Europe wants any future at all, it must be strong in solidarity, commit its full weight as a powerful global actor to the fight for a fairer version of globalisation, delineate social standards in the transformation now under way, stand up for a climate-neutral economy and society and improve people’s living and working conditions. But these challenges can be overcome. The authors – from the worlds of politics, research and the trade unions – show with their contributions published here in this anthology how this can and must happen.”

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