Fight to save Remploy – sign the petition NOW!!

You may have already heard the dreadful news that the government have decided to shut down 27 Remploy factories. This means thousands of disabled and non-disabled people will lose their jobs.

These workers take great strength from the fact that although the government doesn’t care – the people of Britain do. That’s why the Remploy unions are delivering cards to all 27 factories facing closure with thousands of signatures from supporters showing that we stand in solidarity with them.

So please join us in sending a message of support.

Add your name to the card now.

Over 8,000 members and supporters have already signed their names and sent messages of support and I hope that you will too.

Workers are taking strike action this Thursday to show just how upset and angry they are that this government doesn’t seem to care that they will be left to a life of loneliness, on benefits.

Please show your support for Remploy workers by adding your name, and write a personal message of support too if you wish. The Remploy unions will print out every message and deliver them to workers at every factory.

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One Response to Fight to save Remploy – sign the petition NOW!!

  1. IAN BYRNE says:

    Hang your heads in shame liberals, in bed with a party that can contemplate destroying thousands. Of jobs for a section of our society we should protect.

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