Don’t let the haters win – join the march against fascism

MarchAgainstFascismGuillotine11-13632Unite will be marching in Liverpool city centre in a mass celebration of multicultural Britain. Our message is clear: ‘Those that peddle hate are not welcome here – Nick Griffin must go!’

The march on Saturday October 12th, sets off from William Brown Street, Liverpool 3 at 13:00 and will end with a rally at the Pier Head, Liverpool 3.

Speakers at the rally include –  Len McCluskey (Unite), Billy Hayes (CWU), Bob Crow (RMT), Paul Nowak (TUC), Christine Blower (NUT), Dave Prentis (Unison), Salma Yaqoob, Colette Williams (BARAC/Chair of Unite Community), Weyman Bennett (UAF) and Joe Anderson (Mayor of Liverpool).

Music by Kof and Banner Theatre.

We are demonstrating to say that strong communities are safe communities – it is only by standing together that the haters can be beaten and communities can be defended against race hatred.

This event is all about celebrating not dividing – Nick Griffin, BNP leader and MEP for the North West – is trying to divide us. We must stand united to make sure that he does not get re-elected in 2014.

Join us on the march and demo in Liverpool on 12th October and send a clear message to the fascist far right – by coming together we won’t let the haters win.

Unite transport is being organised from around the country to Liverpool – keep checking back for more details. When booking a seat please give your name, mobile number and email address.

Click here to find the pick up point nearest to you.

Please retweet this information using the hashtag #unite1210


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