Defend Mexican Unions : London Demo, February 17th

Global union federations have kicked off a week of action to defend independent trade unionism in Mexico. The International Metalworkers, International Chemical Workers, International Transport Workers, the Uni Global union and the International Trade Union Confederation are organising demonstrations outside Mexican embassies worldwide to press the government to stop attacks on their members.

Five years ago an explosion at the transnational Grupo Mexico’s Pasta de Conchos coalmine killed 65 miners who were members of the Los Mineros union.

The bodies of 63 of the 65 miners remain buried in the mine.

Despite international protests the Mexican government has failed to investigate or prosecute those responsible.

Instead the Mexican government has escalated its violent attacks on Los Mineros after it demanded justice and the recovery of the miners’ bodies.

The Mexican government has tried to destroy Los Mineros and to arrest its president Napoleon Gomez on trumped up and unproven charges.

Mr Gomez is currently running the union from exile in Canada, supported by the United Steelworkers.

Other independent unions which have faced attacks from the Mexican government include the Mexican Electrical Workers’ Union UNTYPP which represents staff at state-owned petroleum company Pemex, the National Union of General Tyre Workers of Mexico and the Union of the Autonomous University of Mexico Workers.

The global unions are demanding that the Mexican government stop violating fundamental trade union rights and start complying with its own laws and international standards on human and trade union rights.

Defend Mexican Unions, London, organised by Unite on February 17th, at the Mexican Embassy, St Georges Street. Above: David Cockcroft (ITF); Tony Burke (Unite); Simon Dubbins (Unite) and Jim Sheridan MP at the Mexican Embassy demo. February 17th; Below: Jim Sheridan MP; Tony Burke, (Unite) present a letter of protest at the attacks on trade unions to a Mexican Embassy official.

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