Collapse of Dignity by Napoleon Gomez

book-cover-small“Collapse of Dignity – A Story Of A Mining Tragedy And The Fight Against Greed And Corruption In Mexico” by exiled trade union leader Napoleon Gomez will be launched on April 15th.

Napoleon is the leader of Mexico’s militant and independent trade union Los Mineros, the metals and mineworkers union – and the sister union of Unite and the United Steelworkers. He has been in exile in Canada since 2009 when he fled Mexico after the Mexican state and employers colluded to arrest him on trumped up charges following his denouncement of the Mexican Government and mine owners following the tragedy at the Pasta de Conchos mine.

All of the trumped up charges have been proved to have been false. He is still in exile in Canada, supported by the United Steelworkers, fearful that the Mexican authorities may try to have him arrested if he travels home or through the USA.

His book ‘Collapse of Dignity’ will be launched in Vancouver on 15th April 2013 and hard copies of the book can be pre-ordered here from this week.

The objective is to sell 44,000 books by March 21st 2013. Part of the profits will be used in a fund for education of the children that lost their fathers, the widows who lost their husbands and the family members of the miners and Los Mineros members that lost their lives in the explosion of Pasta de Conchos, Mexico.

This is a time of decisive action, a time when we need your full support so that Los Mineros can accomplish its mission and succeed for organised labor to ensure this injustice and human tragedy never happen again.

The last week has seen unprecedented support throughout the world in defence of independent trade unions in Mexico including support actions in London. Click here and here for more information.

Click on the graphic to go to the ‘Collapse Of Dignity’ website and register your support and recieve emails.

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