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Left Foot Forward
According to George Osborne, a UK manufacturing resurgence is still not on the cards 
Budget 2014: The government is sitting on its hands instead of supporting British industry
Britain Needs Gold Standard Apprenticeships
Manufacturing Jobs On The Way Back To UK
The Other British Economy
Leaving The UK Would Put Manufacturing Jobs At Risk
Skilled jobs will not come through quick fix initiatives such as Enterprise Zones
Growth Being Driven By Consumer Debt Not Manufacturing
It’s telling that the chancellor failed to mention ‘manufacturing’ once in his Autumn Statement
Wages Stagnate – UK Now In EU Relegation Zone
Canada’s Newest Union To Spend 10% of Income On Organising
US Unions To Embrace ‘alt.labour’ workers
Labour must take seriously the need to expand collective bargaining
High Noon For Europe As Unions Call For Investment
UK Union Membership Increase
Campaign For Trade Union Freedom Launch Rally
New skills eco-system puts clear water between Labour and the Tories
Osborne’s Credibility In Tatters
Unions Seek Stronger Labour Laws In US-EU FTA Talks
EU should intervene directly to boost manufacturing
Why Labour Needs A Manufacturing Strategy
Cameron’s Gathering Storm
Markit: Eurozone manufacturing “shows signs of moderating” (while the UK’s still in a slump)
The government’s manufacturing and industrial strategy leads us down the road to nowhere
GDP growth masks fall in wages and impact on union rights
Austerity Is Killing Jobs And The Recovery
Aussie taskforce recommends strategic intervention to boost manufacturing
The need for stimulus to promote employment, growth and spending
Osborne Borrowing Target Off Beam 

Stronger Unions
New Partnerships Begin For AFL-CIO
EU Unions Support Greek Workers
Trumka Plans To Revive US Unions
Mexican Free Trade Union Fight Back
Working Time – The Weeks Battleground
Anti-union fight in Michigan: Robert Reich and Martin Luther King
Obama: Was It The Unions What Won It?
Help Mexican Unions In Struggle
Green Jobs: Taking The Argument Further
Employers Behaving Badly Down Mexico Way
Social dialogue: A better way to respond to the crisis?
Working Time Ruling – Sick Leave
New Zealand union takes on “Bitter King” and wins
Weakening collective bargaining hurts recovery says ILO
More Attacks On Independent Unions In Mexico

TUC Touchstone
Harry Reid ‘Holes’ EU-US Trade Talks

The Manufacturer
Unite and BMW collaboration a win for agency workers
Too many holes in the shares for employment rights scheme
Beecroft By The Backdoor
Union leader bemoans “wasted year” of blinkered austerity policies
Unite demands answers over BAE Systems – EADS merger

Austerity Is Killing Jobs and The Recovery
Workers and businesses need a real industrial strategy, not a bank with no money and a workplace with few rights

Centre For Labour & Social Studies
Damning IMF report is a major blow to Osborne’s austerity drive

Union Solidarity International
Global union federation IndustriALL questions Rio Tinto’s role in Paraguay coup

IPA Bulletin
Trade Unions and I&C Regulations

Unite Political Blog
A Right Royal Mail Rip Off

Real Recovery – We Can Make It If We Try

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  1. Prof Prem raj Pushpakaran writes — 2020 marks the 50th year of Centre of Indian Trade Unions!!

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