Don’t Bank on Apartheid : Bedford PSC Demo Barclays Bank March 23rd

Bedford Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) will be demonstrating outside Barclays in Bedford High Street this Saturday 23rd March to draw attention to the role the bank is playing in arming Israel. 

Financial institutions in the UK provide investment, loans, and other financial services to companies supplying Israel with weapons and military technology used to oppress Palestinians.

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has uncovered that Barclays Bank holds over £1 billion in shares, and provides over £3 billion in loans and underwriting to nine companies whose weapons, components, and military technology have been used in Israel’s armed violence against Palestinians.

By providing investment and financial services to these arms companies, Barclays facilitates the provision of weapons and technology for Israel’s militarised repression of Palestinians.

Bedford PSC Chair Rosie Newbigging said: “We urge all fellow Bedfordians who are horrified by what is happening to innocent people in Gaza, to join us on Saturday at 11.30am outside Barclays Bank in the High Street”. 

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