Assessing UK Trade Policy Readiness By David Henig

This is an excellent research/article by David Henig (@davidhenigUK) UK director of the European Centre For International Political Economy an independent policy think tank dedicated to trade and international economic policy issues (@ecipe) sets out the difficulties ahead for the UK government and the realties the we are likely to face in negotiations any trade agreements, notably with the EU and USA and other other countries.

My comment: The UK government continues to paint a ‘rosy and optimistic’ picture for future trade deals with EU, USA, TPP, and countries like New Zealand, Australia and Japan and relying on media headlines that amount to sabre rattling and tough talking but with no big stick.

The government has no wish to make the UK public aware that negotiating trade agreements and making trade policy is very complex and difficult preferring to peddle myths about ‘easy wins’, other countries ‘rolling over’ and a ‘swashbuckling’ future for UK industry and business thus keeping pro-Brexit MPs happy whilst dismissing any difficulties, for UK industry, the supply chain, investment and long term economic policy.

Click on the link below and download the pdf and have yourself an interesting read!



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