Apprentice pay and conditions – TUC Unionlearn report

A well attended meeting in London yesterday saw the launch of this excellent report, which looks in detail at the pay and employment conditions of UK apprentices.

Authored by Adam Elston, Laura James of Incomes Data Services the research was commissioned by TUC/Unionlearn and carried out by Incomes Data Services (IDS) in the autumn and winter of 2010.

It included a literature review, a large-scale electronic survey and telephone interviews with employers. The report’s findings are largely based on the results of an online survey sent out to over 7,000 UK employers, which achieved 289 usable responses.

IDS also carried out 10 telephone interviews with employers who, in the survey, had signalled their willingness to be contacted for the research. The telephone interviews provide context for the quantitative findings of the survey.

Download a copy of Apprentice Pay and Conditions (pdf 2905kb)

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