Socialist Health Association needs your help to save the NHS

I have recieved this message from the Socialist Health Association – all help is appreciated in forwarding this message, tweeting or as they suggest writing to your local newspaper.

“We now have the cost of NHS reorganisation broken down for every English PCT – together with the rise in long waiting times: Click here for details:

Please use the information to write to your local paper about the cost of reorganisation in your area?

Please use your own words and as much local flavour as you can, but you might like to make some of these points:

PCTs are being allowed to disintegrate before Clinical Commissioning Groups have been established and before Parliament has given its consent to the Government’s plans.

The NHS Confederation has confirmed reports that many staff being made redundant may be re-hired elsewhere in the NHS.

The RCN Frontline First report showed evidence of thousands of nursing posts being cut.

There has been a huge increase in the number of patients who have had to wait longer than 18 weeks for treatment – exactly what we warned would happen when they relaxed Labour’s targets.

There have been many good NHS campaigns in the last year and the Drop The Bill Campaign is intended to bring them together in a unifying call.

We are asking people to sign the petition calling on the Government to drop its Health and Social Care Bill.

We are planning a series of meetings to discuss the effect of NHS reform in local areas.

If you would like to help to organise such a meeting in your area, please let us know.
Martin Rathfelder, Director
Socialist Health Association
22 Blair Road, Manchester, M16 8NS
0161 286 1926

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