Updated: 125,000 Take Part In Brussels Demo In Lead Up To General Strike.

AVC union leader Marc Leemans

AVC union leader Marc Leemans

Ahead of a General Strike called for December 15th, 125,000 workers and their supporters took to the streets of Brussels today (November 6th) to demonstrate against austerity policies being imposed by the Belgium government.

The police estimated the march as being 120,000 but Belgium trade unionists communicating on social mead and with this blog put the figure at 125,000.

Brussels20141106a-1Unions taking part included ACV-CSC, ABVV-FGTB and ACLVB-CGSLB.

The demonstration brought the centre of Brussels to a stand still and Belgium’s unions predicted a solid response will be forthcoming from unions for the General Strike.

Police were highly visible and turned water cannon on protestors as well as using tear gas.

Right wing media reports blamed dock workers for starting ‘violent clashes’ in the city centre.

09fcbd00-1700-425a-85f3-e819fbd0f4c1_othermainThe protest starts a month long campaign against Belgium’s right wing coalition, which wants to extend the pension age from 65 to 67, cut wages and public services.

Demonstrations will occur each week until the General Strike.

Rail companies also sold low priced tickets to increase protest numbers in the capital.

ACV union leader Marc Leemans said: “The signal is clear. People are angry, livid. This government’s policies are totally unbalanced.”

Morning Star report – click here.

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